Volunteering at our Horse Trials

There is no adequate way to thank all the wonderful people who volunteer time and effort to make the shows possible. The organisers and the organizing committee are extremely grateful for your outstanding contribution to our competitions and to the sport of eventing.

We continually need help to prepare and conduct all three phases of competition. There are many jobs available for anyone who has time and is willing to lend a hand. No previous experience is necessary, we will provide training to make sure you are comfortable and confident in the job you select. Among the opportunities we have outdoor and indoor jobs.

Outdoor Jobs

Course preparation for cross country, dressage and show jumping
This might include tree trimming, clearing the land of obstructions, moving rings, setting up jumps and practice areas. Help with jump maintenance, such as painting and staining is always needed.

Parking supervisors
Give direction to visitors and control parking of trailers to ensure everyone can get in and out of the parking field.

Jump Judging on competition days
This job entails recording the actions of each competitor at one or more jumps on the course, and can range from a few hours to a full day.

Score Running for Dressage or Show Jumping
Delivery of completed score cards from the judge’s stand to the scoring office every few rides.

Jumping Ring Crew
This job includes setting up the courses and re-constructing jumps if they are knocked down.

Tack check, warm-up area stewards, and much more
You do not need to be “horsy” to do any of these jobs, however, you do have to be available and willing to work outdoors in any weather conditions.

Indoor or sheltered seated jobs

Dressage Scribes
Record the scores and remarks made by the judge.
Show Jumping Scribes: Record scores and times for judge

Jobs which can sometimes be performed from your car
These include assisting the starter on cross country, timing at the finish line, and many others.

All our volunteers are given access to the “Barn Lounge” area throughout the competition days. This is an area reserved only for the volunteers, where food and beverage is in constant supply. In addition we make every effort to come to you while you are working to ensure you have everything you need to make you as comfortable as possible while doing your job. There is always a fun filled reception after the show for our volunteers. It includes a raffle for prizes donated by our sponsors and by the organiser.

If you’re not that familiar with the eventing world, not to fear, training will be provided the morning of each day.

Please get in touch with our volunteer coordinator so we can find out what jobs interest you.